Welcome to WIS-8 - Eighth Water Information Summit

Eighth Water Information Summit (WIS-8)
Linking and Strengthening Information Networks for Water and the Environment

June 5-7, 2006

Organized by
The WaterWeb Consortium,

In cooperation with
United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
Inter-American Water Resources Network (IWRN)

and hosted by the
National Water Agency of Brazil (ANA)

This year, a UNEP.NET regional workshop is going to be held in Brasília, June 2006, gathering some professionals related to the most relevant environmental networks, international agencies, and renowned experts. As WIS-8 is going to be held just before this UNEP.NET workshop, water information professionals are invited to exchange experiences and lessons learned with other environmental information professionals, building up on the newest technology and practices available.

Environment networks have been developed in the last years to coup to global challenges such as climate change, extreme events, biodiversity loss, food and health security issues. Learning from other networks experiences on ICT for management will be the focus of this WIS in 2006. This is an era of climate change, when media has received and is exploring scientific messages about the risks we all are taking. Other environment networks are also using ICT for gathering data and generating knowledge to face all challenges that they meet nowadays.

In this context, WIS-8 turns out to be a unique opportunity to learn from other sectors and to contribute with them while promoting an exchange of experiences and lessons learned in ICT for management applied to integrated water resources management.

Please note that a WaterWeb dissemination list has been online since 1998. It has been very active in disseminating events, new software, innovative websites or new features in existing websites. You are welcome to bring your news and questions to the group of webmasters, information managers, journalists, and e-learning experts. To subscribe, send a blank message to WaterWeb-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

Other organizations willing to offer a workshop on water information issues should contact WIS organization to check the possibility to add a new item to the agenda. Deadline is April 28. The e-mail for submitting proposals is wis8@terra.com.br.

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