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The WaterWeb consortium has been created to promote the sharing of information concerning water and the earth’s environment. Our organization seeks to create a global community, bringing together educational, governmental, nonprofit, & commercial entities interested in water research, conservation, and management. WaterWeb’s goals are to advance water related issues, promote the use of quality information, and share information with water use stakeholders and decision makers.

The organization has a global focus with initial participants from North, Central & South America and Europe. The WaterWeb is built on the premise of improving communications and information access to help address the world’s water problems. WaterWeb.org and the WaterWeb ring are the first forms of the group's collaboration. As the organization grows and matures other products and collaboration methods will be introduced. The consortium invites all sites seeking to share useful, quality information on water and the environment to join the WaterWeb ring.

For more information on the WaterWeb consortium contact, the WWCOChair.

Upcoming Event:

Sixteenth Water Information Summit (WIS-16)

Cybersecurity for Water Security

Virtual Conference

December 8-9, 2021

The Water Information Summit XVI (WIS-16) will focus on Cybersecurity for Water Security. This event is co-organized by the Water Web Consortium (WWCo), the UNESCO Chair on Sustainable Water Security in the Institute of Environment at Florida International University (FIU, USA), the Escuela Politecnica del Litoral (ESPOL, Ecuador), the Organization of American States (OAS), and the UNESCO Hydrological Intergovernmental Program (UNESCO-IHP). The Summit will take place December 8-9, 2021 through a virtual setting. | Register for the Summit

Latest Event:

Fifteenth Water Information Summit (WIS-15)

Information for Sustainable Water Resources Management

Foz do Iguacu, Parana, Brazil

JUly 28-31, 2014
(Agenda WIS_15)

Water Web Consortium, a global community, bringing together educational, governmental, nonprofit & commercial entities interested in water research, conservation, and management, linked electronically by the Internet. The 15th edition of WIS, that has been accomplished in USA, Panama, Netherlands, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Chile, The Dominican Republic and Burkina Faso, was conducted in partnership with Hydroinformatics International Center, in Itaipu Technological Park, Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil, and the theme was the exchange of information and technologies for water resources sustainable management, enabling the access and dissemination of knowledge through the web. Besides WaterWeb Consortium and Hydroinformatics International Center, the WIS-15 was sponsored s sponsored by USAID-Global Water for Sustainability Program at Florida International University, International Hydrological Programme of UNESCO, ITAIPU Binacional and Itaipu Technological Park Foundation, and also host the Summer Course in International Erasmus Mundus - MSc in Ecohydrology, organized by the National University of La Plata (Argentina) and the Federal University of Espirito Santo (Brazil).